My absolute favorite hikes are the ones that are rated easy-to-moderate, where I don’t have to wear regular hiking shoes and the ones I don’t have to wake up early for. Lulumahu Falls is one of those hikes, and the payoff is amazingly beautiful! The 1.7-mile round trip took us about an hour and a half […]


I had the amazing opportunity to work as a temporary digital content assistant for HONOLULU Fashion Week in November and my two weeks working with the web team at HONOLULU Magazine gave me an opportunity to write a short feature on W Salon Hawai‘i, the official hair styling team of HONOLULU Fashion Week. For the […]


Streetlight Cadence has big dreams for their future — dreams of winning a Grammy or making it to the Billboard Top 10, all while representing Hawaii well, violinist Jonathon Franklin said. “We want people to believe they can do it, and we hope to be the example of people who will and have made it,” […]


The drive to Kahuku from my hometown of Kapolei is a long one, but I’d probably say that Kahuku Farms makes it worth the time and gas. Fourth-generation farmer Kylie Matsuda-Lum and her husband, Judah Lum, sectioned off the front five acres of the 125-acre family farm to open Kahuku Farms as an educational and […]


The ancient He‘eia fishpond is like nothing I’ve never seen before! The 88-acre fishpond is estimated to be about 800 years old and built by the early Hawaiians to feed the Kaneohe ahupua’a, which is a subdivision of land that runs from the mountains to the sea. The He’eia fishpond was built on a fringing reef […]

2015 July 19 VID - Miller Royer, center, owner and operator at Wing Ice Cream Parlor, out front of his store with his family on Sunday, July 19, 2015.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser photo by Krystle Marcellus

Any story that involves eating is automatically one of my favorites. But I’ll be honest, as a meat-eater I was a little skeptical about trying vegan versions of my favorite meat-filled local specialties. I’m so thankful my skepticism quickly turned into a hunger for more food by these amazing restaurants. Seriously, if you haven’t tried these […]


I’ve seen Honolulu by car, bus, trolley, even by plane a little bit, but seeing the city by bicycle is a whole different view and such a cool experience. Pedal Bike Tours was started in Portland, Ore., one of the most bicycle-friendly cities, by Todd Roll, who expanded the business to the islands after he realized that […]